Who Are You? (Message To The Youth)


Have you asked yourself these questions? What is your brand or how do you want to be perceived? If NO then ask yourself now and if YES then you are ready for me.
When I look at myself and the youth of this generation, I lament because we do not know what it means to be between the ages of 19 and 45. We are misusing our opportunities as a youth. We are the future of tomorrow, the leaders of tomorrow.
Will your children be proud to say yes that is my mummy or that’s my daddy? This is the time our brain should be active. We can change things NOW! You want a particular change in your life? Start Now! Do not look at your friend, your neighbour your family or what people would say or think. People will always talk whether you’re doing good, bad or even nothing that gives you the BIG opportunity for people to know that you are GOLDEN! WE ARE GOLDEN!

Come out of that shell of yours even a snail that has a real shell still comes out.


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