You are welcome to my blog. Hope you like my choice of theme? I think its calm.

I’m a very simple person simple. I will tell you the story of my life in just three paragraphs.
If I tell you to buy a mansion whether buying that mansion is a good choice or not you can conclude that Priscilla (My friends call me Tayo but I don’t mind Priscilla anyway but let’s put that aside) has bought a mansion before or has one. Sometimes I question myself and some of my replies even surprise me.

Today I asked myself Priscilla what do you think about marriage? I laughed then I thought for a while and I laughed again then I sighed. I said to myself marriage is supposed to be a thing of joy, love, happiness and laughter but we are gradually turning it into a thing of joke. Marriage is a union between a man and a woman. The man must love his wife, the woman must be submissive to her husband irrespective of any situation they find themselves in.

I asked myself again who do I blame in the marriages that are having problems? Is it the man or the woman? I answered what is my business? Are they happy they are having problems in their Marriage? The best I can do for them is to pray for them.


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