There is no doubt that the only thing you want for your family is for them to be happy. When you look at your friends, colleagues or a total stranger you should see a family because we are all from the same father the Almighty God which would allow us to conclude that we are family.
There is an unseen connection between me and you. When your network connection is bad you almost cannot do anything on that phone, laptop or gadget. You try all possible means in getting a good network and that’s why we should be good to one another.
When I sleep you sleep, when I eat you eat, when I’m sad you are sad when I’m happy you are happy because of that unseen connection. If I don’t appreciate your love then I don’t deserve you but never stop showing love.


  1. Thank you very much for your kind gesture. It is a personal blog but if things change, you might be contacted.


  2. I would like to join but I have no idea about it
    So pls if u can explain it further for me to understand the concept well
    Thank u


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