BBC Most Read News on November 2nd at 2:49pm (Nigeria’s Time), Number 7.
Student charged after smearing bodily fluids on roommate’s bag
US and Canada.

My Opinion.

What touched me in that post was how Chennel Rowe the victim described how Brianna Brochu, 18 years of age bragged about how she has been bullying her for one and the half year
Bullying is when you see a human being as an object and not a living thing and it should be addressed immediately.

Dear bully,

Assuming I see you as an object, like a pencil or a pen that I can use and handle anyhow without bothering if you have feeling or not. How will you feel?  On one of my posts on family,  I wrote “human beings have this unseen connection, if I cry you cry, if I’m sad you are sad, if I’m happy you are happy, if I don’t appreciate your love then I don’t deserve you but never stop showing love”. If you make me cry, you cry, when they ask me about you I’ll squeeze my face, when I see you I’ll run, when I see your picture I’ll hate. That alone has reduced your value and self-worth by making you think if you have value or self worth in the society and with your family and friends.

Stop bullying, stay calm, play football, do your make up, read, connect with friends and mind your business so as not to block a good future.

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