Aduke, a virgin girl who lived in a small village that is surrounded by thick bushes, heard an unusual noise which she thought came from her kitchen while she was sleeping in her room. She decided to take a bold step in finding out what could have caused the noise. She stood up from her bed, opened the door which divides her room and her kitchen, to her surprise, she saw a man holding an eighteen inches sharp-pointed knife, dressed in all red gown reaching his toes with a drawing of the skeleton skull in white colour on the front view of the red gown and a painted face in white colour. Immediately without thinking, she took to her heels, came out of her hut, knocked at several villager’s doors but there was none to help.

Out of frustration, she ran into the thick bushes to hide by a palm tree were she picks coconuts from during the day thinking that the strange man won’t find her. She was tensed, her night wear was already socked in her sweat. She stayed beside the palm tree to cuddle up herself.

Few seconds later, The strange man appeared at Aduke’s back so he can dive the knife from Aduke’s back into her heart coming out from Aduke’s chest.

Sadly for Aduke and luckily for the strange man, She did not notice he was at her back. The man dived in his knife into Aduke’s body from her back straight into her heart and the pointed end of the knife coming out from Aduke’s chest. Aduke’s soul vanished in thin air.

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