Every colour has it’s unique identity.
Your colour can never be better than the other.
Come to think of it white and black are both general colours and they can be used on any other colour. Here you go they have a similarity.
Saying that your colour is better than the other is indirectly saying you think the other colour might be better than yours (Low self-esteem)
White stands for honesty because of its unique way spotting dirts.
Black stands for trustworthiness because it unique way of hiding dirts
Positivity Only


  1. I love the way you ended the write up white sporting dirt,black hiding it.
    We all created equal irrespective of the color of our skin. The world we live is colorful imagine a world with just one color and how boring it would be, a flower with just one colour too. We all need colors in our lives. It makes it interesting, it gives it life.
    I shouldn’t treat the next human being differently in superiority or inferiority because of the color of their skin. All colors are beautiful

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  2. Racial discrimination may occur because of overt prejudice, hostility or negative feelings held by someone about a racialized person or group. Unfortunately, people are still treated unequally, such as by being refused a job or apartment, simply because of overt bias towards them based on race and related grounds.

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