Philosophy of Unemployment


The slang for the lazy youths
Blame it on the society, you are still part of the society the blame will still come back to you
Why do you want to be a servant by all means?
Sell puff puff (deep fried dough) on the streets, be a food vendor, stylist and so on as far as you have a plan set for yourself.
Its a free world
The sky is the limit
And commit all you do to the Almighty God.


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  1. Sell puff puff..😂 … Interesting.. True..but we don’t get to see this in our society.. We all want big, quick money.. . 😂 😂…. Who wants to challenge us on this?


    1. Lol that’s the problem it should start from me or you. Most times those quick big money don’t get you to the top it’s the ones that started or starts small that gets to the top


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