Don’t Compare Yourself With Others


Yesterday’s night around 11pm, my channel was tuned to one of the music channels which I cannot remember which channel it was exactly but I wish I could. A Nigerian female afro-house singer Niniola, in her song sicker, while listening, I heard a phrase and I decided to write something about that phrase to give my readers.

She said in yoruba language, one of Nigeria’s dialects “Ma Lo Fara We Mi” which translates to don’t compare yourself with me in English Language. One man’s food is another man’s poison, what might be best for you might be awful for another person.

Find yourself or better still find what suites you and nurture it in a way that another man’s food would look like poison to you and be satisfied. If you want more, then thrive for more of what suites you but don’t thrive to get another man’s food because you don’t know how that food was prepared.



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