Having to choose between two different equal things can be very difficult. It is now quite obvious that one of them will not be yours.
I can tell you that those options, if they have choices they would want to be your priority or not in your option list. During the choosing period, you should know that your feelings are being toiled with and what is yours can never be taken away from you.
Make a random selection to the best of your ability and know that, that was meant for you.


  1. Good observation. What is yours will always be there waiting for you whether you work for it or not it is yours but you might not have access to it if you don’t work. What you are at peace at? Yes that’s why I put choosing to the best of your ability. You like what you are at peace at another person might like something else and above all trust in God


  2. Nice post…. But What’s yours can be taking away from you if you don’t do what you ought to do to get what’s yours… Random selection… Hmmmm… That might not be it dear.. Most times our ‘immediate’ choices aren’t it.. I believe in giving the situation ‘TIME'(the test of time) and go for what you are at peace with after trusting God to help you.


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