Trust according to Cambridge dictionary “is to believe that someone is good and honest and will not harm you, or that something is safe and reliable.
Trust which has these two alphabets u and s (us) meaning more than one person and also has r and t when you combine them with u and s you get rust which I can define based on the general thinking as when an attractive thing gets less attractive or a good thing goes bad.

Of all the things to use to form trust was with rust. I will conclude that trust cannot exist without rust. The moment you decide to trust someone, a group of people or anything, it means you have decided that when things get rusty you will not complain.

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  1. TheMavenInspiring says:

    Thank you very much. It’s a pleasure. I will check up Matryoshka on google. Thanks a lot for the “Matryoshka” because I’m excited about learning.

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  2. SkyAkki says:

    A very pleasant use of trust analogy i must say. I liked you writing style, short and to the point. I googled it and the term for such words (trust containing rust) is Matryoshka words.


  3. TheMaven says:

    Bless you for this comment


  4. diamond says:

    When people honor each other, there is a trust established that leads to synergy, interdependence, and deep respect. Both parties make decisions and choices based on what is right, what is best, what is valued most highly.


  5. diamond says:

    Trust is built and maintained by many small actions over time.

    Trust is not a matter of technique, tricks, or tools but of character.

    We are trusted because of our way of being, not because of our polished exteriors or our expertly crafted communications. Trust is built when someone is vulnerable and not taken advantage of.” –Bob Vanourek,


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