My Advice To Men On Marriage


In my opinion, based on one of the societal constructs, which is “ladies should keep and nurture themselves for marriage, for her husband and herself” has been taken for granted by some men trying to build a fake trust with a lady and later putting the lady in complete disappointment which has made the men to be miscreants, misuse themselves and misuse the women.

This behaviour may allow the rise of the women to let their pain to be noticed by raising a voice in which this protest might allow women to want to be the head over the men which will result in men loosing their rights and pride as a man.

Commitment is not a prison rather it is something that can bring pride and honour to yourself.
Abide before your woman/women starts to say you/you all are good for nothing!


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  1. The men should also keep themselves and learn to be responsible too before marriage.
    The men tend to take the women for granted which often makes the women desperate for marriage.

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