It was a rainy saturday evening, she was home alone with no electricity. She sat on the couch that was beside the window where her thoughts were away from her surroundings. It was a bit dark because all windows and window blinds were closed.

He said words could not explain his love for her. He was a man of standards, his height was to her taste, dark, employed, stays alone. The way he looks at other women was as if they don’t exist.

He says to her, with his slightly deep voice as he looks radiant and happy always while she feels lucky and smile. Aliany, you are my world, you are my sunshine, you light up my dark places. When I see you my pains go, my wounds are healed, my sadness is gone.

When she asked him why do you love me? He says I don’t know, I just feel great when i’m with you. His name was Bernard. She felt like the mental connection between them was one that took them away from their reality.

As usual, when Aliany is missing her love, she calls on her cellphone to find out about his well-being. As Aliany was about to call Bernard, she noticed his telephone number was not on her phone then she realised it was all in her head.


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