I was unable to post this two days ago which was the 1st Sunday of 2018 because I adjusted the days in which I post here.
Because it was 1st Sunday of 2018, I wore what I thought was the most beautiful cloth in my closet. One of Nigeria’s Native attires, A cream iro and buba that has touches of purple in a flowery form. The iro looks like a wrapper that is usually wrapped over the buba which is the top (The buba which is a bit free, round neck and long sleeve) on the waist flowing down to your feet. I matched my attire with cream court heels.

On getting to the church which is 5mins drive from where I live,  I began to see people who were probably dressed for Sunday service looking happy. As I stepped into the church, An usher ordered me upstair because the main auditorium was already full which is unusual when I’m just 10mins late. You can assume people where happy being the first Sunday and they wanted to feel happier by coming to church looking radiant to show their gratitude to the Almighty God.
It was all shades of different colours. The women on green, blue, yellow, white, black, some of the attires having lots of stones on them while others had few. And ofcourse what some women cannot do without, a clutch purse, presentable matching shoes and a head tie. The men on different attires, the Nigeria’s native ranging from the Yoruba to the Igbo, Delta e.t.c, English wears and so on.

During offering payment period, It is a normal procedure in that church for everyone to walk towards the alter of the church to pay your offering on a straight line following the sitting pattern to avoid confusion and back to your seat while the chorister and everyone are singing in which you can choose to dance or not. As it was the period to pay offering, I was already getting tensed because I think you might almost start to be the center of attraction when getting to the alter and when you get the alter to pay your offering.

The songs that were being sang by the chorister and everyone was one that should get anyone moving. When I got to the alter, I decided to choose to dance, I put my left leg a bit forward, bent my knees a bit, whined my waist to the left put my two hands on my chest to adjust my buba (the top) so as to spice up my dancing moves with a smile on my face. As I was dancing on to my seat, I noticed few people smiled at me, some were lost in my moves as they stared pleasantly.
When I got to my seat, I got a comment from someone saying in Yoruba, One of Nigeria’s native laguage “Oki jo mole” which means “you danced well” in English language. It was a beautiful experience for me as I didn’t plan for the moment which got me feedbacks I love.
Sometimes the best moments are not planned.

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