Because I believe in positivity, I agree with the second statement of this quote “Life is not about finding yourself but re-creating yourself – Lolly Daskal.” which is “re-creating yourself” but I disagree with the first statement of the quote which is “life is not about finding yourself”. You cannot re-create something you don’t have an idea of where it is. Before you can re-create something, you have to find it. After you find yourself, i.e knowing who you are, you plan how to re-create yourself i.e what you want for yourself. Re-creating yourself is creating your value or your worth (what some people call selfworth and selfvalue receptively).

You re-create yourself by putting this quote in action which is “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out – Robert Collier.” Check my post on self productivity to get more insight on how to re-create yourself. In one of the sentences of that post, I wrote, “The way life is important for growth, make everyday important for your achievements”. In re-creating yourself, you should have discovered, what you want for yourself. What you want for yourself is your selfworth and selfvalue. i.e What people will see in you and why people will want you.

If you don’t design your life, chances are you’ll fall into someone’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much – Jim Rohn.

Well I will add this to the quote above by Jim Rohn, If you design your life, chances are you’ll fall into someelse’s plan, Not much have they designed for you, but because you have a design for yourself, your design will speak for you. i.e you will have what to fall back to when you are lost. Nothing can be better than your design, you will definitely not deliberately hurt yourself, except you are a masochist which is, a person that likes to be hurt. Check my post on never be scared to fail to get inspired on when your plan does not work for you. In that post, I wrote, if you are scared to fail, then be ready to be nothing. The good thing about re-creating yourself is that you have automatically opened yourself to many opportunities. You don’t want to let those opportunities pass you by if you want to be successful. Rather, pass those opportunities by with your design.


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