The Psychology Of Money


On my way back from a supermarket, I saw a friend of mine who stays on my street and was also going to his home. That made us stroll together to our various homes.
I can’t vividly remember how we got to this conversation but it went like this. He said, Tayo, there was a time I and some of my friends made some money and we decided to go out, eat, catch some fun, drink and enjoy ourselves to the fullest. I smiled and said okay, then what happened? He said he didn’t know how the money finished and how they didn’t save anything for other expenses. He ended the conversation saying “It was that day I knew money could make you mad”. I giggled. I assumed he meant when you have money, you won’t know how to control yourself.
Then it occurred to me that without money, you cannot live, If I’m wrong, ideas are welcomed in the comment section. But I advice you read this to the end before any disagreements.
Without money, you can’t have clothes. Without money, you can’t eat. Without money, you can’t have a building to live in. Without money, you can’t have soap to bath. Even if these things can be given to you free, without money nobody can have them. Not being without money can kill you because you won’t have access to food and water. Money buys almost everything around you except your body, soul, mind and air. If money controls your existence then money can make you mad.
But nonetheless, the fact that money can do all these things, does not mean money should control you.
I can bet that the richest people in the world will tell you money is not everything but still chase money. Make money and don’t let money make you.


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