Stay Focused


While reading these two posts of mine, unemployement and why are you angry. I realised I needed to add some points to them.

Sometimes, people get lucky without putting a lot of efforts in getting what they want and you begin to wonder why yours is not like theirs. Luck is something we all probably hope for but we should not blame luck for our predicaments. You and your friend can both sing but your friend is making progress than you are with the same efforts put in to work.  You get angry and stop singing. That way, you are the maker of your problem.

I am not trying to let know that you should not compare yourself with others or you should appreciate what you have but rather, not to blame luck for your success. If you blame luck for your success, you have automatically locked any form of success you should be getting. Instead, unlock your success by understanding that nobody knows tomorrow or what will happen in the next second.

Do what you are capable of. In doing that successfully, always remember that you should never be scared to fail, always keep moving, stay focused, be at your best always and never compare yourself with others until your dreams become reality.


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