How to be a Great Partner to Your Spouse


Telling you how to be a great partner to your spouse is difficult for me to address because it is only the person that’s wearing the shoes that knows how it hurts. I will only do it based on what I think the type of size of leg should be wearing the shoes on your legs.

In playing team games, one bad player can make the whole team lose and one good player can make the whole team win. Being in a relationship is like being in a team game. The only difference is you are not playing against other couples but against your marriage life, future, presentation of one’s self.

I believe with this paragraph you just read, you should have and idea of the characteristics of being a great partner. If you are in a partnership with someone to win a game, you will have to do the necessary things that position requires you to do to win that game. You cannot be the goal keeper of a football team and not do your best. Your whole team would lose whether the others did their best or not if goals are scored in the post. I assume we all know that the goal keeper is suppose to keep the ball from not entering the post but the goal keeper going to score a goal against the other team in a match is also possible.

Relating the goal keeper scoring a goal against the other team with being a great partner means you might not have to be in your comfort zone to be a great partner. Sometimes you have to do extra to be a great partner and have that perfect home.

Know your position, know your partners position, understand your yourself, understand your partner. Great team work can be achieved effectively by doing your responsibilities.


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