In my opinion, to be mature takes a lot of hardwork. To be hardworking is a necessity in our lives just like eating is a necessity because without food you will be unwell and being unwell sometimes lead to death. There’s a saying, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Maturity is taking responsibility for all your actions. Accepting compliments at the same time accepting failures and taking the necessary actions after acknowledging your compliments and failures. Taking the necessary actions after accepting your compliments and failures is what maturity is about and that is where more than half of the hardwork comes from.

Self control, that is, having the ability to make decisions of your own anywhere you are, being able to say No or Yes when it is necessary based on your interests and what you think it’s right without causing any quarrel. This is what is called having a mind of your own most times but I call it self control. To expatiate on self control, to be clearer, it is the ability to know when to play, when to work, when to do chores etc. Even if at the moment you feel like playing, self control is knowing if playing is the best for you to do at that moment.

Maturity is also knowing the good from the bad. If your father should tell you to do something, maturity is not doing it because you think it is bad. But with respect. Like I said earlier without causing any quarrels. To be mature, will make you stronger physically and mentally. You will constantly be improving and developing yourself. Future situations will be easier for you to handle.


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