To Make is to Break, To Break is to Make


In a normal concept, to break is to rip or to destroy. To make is to develop or to build. The two are both doing something in common which is to produce something new. I want to assume that, with this explanation, you know the conclusion of this article.
Since to make and break is to produce something new and a new thing can either be bad or good.

In my post titled bad and good, I wrote.
Bad is good and bad
Good is bad and good

In my post titled take it or leave it, I wrote.
A situation is only difficult because we think it is difficult.

I will add this to it. A situation is simple because we think it is. While stumbling through the internet, I found 7 surprising health benefits of eating dirts. There are lots of uses of dirts. Sand which is used to grow fruits we eat or trees which are then used to make papper. If we fail to see the good in the bad then we will always see bad in the good. If these things that we call bad are useful, then a bad situation is bad because we think it is bad and good because we think it is good.  Read my post on is enough enough? for more understanding.


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