Based on the societal construct, marriage in the past was as important as eating. Marriage was one that was always looked forward to. But marriage now, is being treated with almost no importance. Youths are frustrated because there are a lot of things to meet up to and a lot of things on our minds e.g  making ends meet, having a balanced social life, taking care of ourselves, trying to satisfy friends and family and so on. Compared to the youths of the pasts, we have more things to meet up that make us not to think about marriage or the importance of marriage.
Ask yourself this question
What is the importance of marriage?
Write your answer on a piece of paper. You’ll need it for the next questions.
What was your answer?
Judging from your answer, how important is marriage to you?
Most of the time, we need to check from our perspective first to be sure we are not the cause of our problems.
In my own opinion, the purpose of marriage is for self developement, companionship, love, care and parenting. We stop learning the moment we die. Being in marriage will enable us to learn more, be a better person for ourselves and for others. Like the popular saying, “Two heads are better than one”. To be alone most times according to research is not healthy.

Do you want to improve on yourself, feel loved, cared for, have a feeling of parenting and have a companion? Looking for that partner to grow with? Then read my posts on how to find/know your life partner and how to be a great partner to your spouse. Make a comment stating the importance of marriage in the comment section to help me and others.

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