wake up

Sometimes we are in the light but we are in the dark, sometimes we are in the dark but truly in the light.
Sometimes life can put us in a situation we are happy with and also put us in a situation we are not happy with.
Sometimes we are happy for what we have but they are not want we want or need and sometimes sad we don’t have enough but we don’t know we have all we need.
We think we are awake but we are sleeping.
Wake up and stop sleeping
where are you?
Is that where you wish or want to be?
Is that where you are suppose to be?
Make sure you know where you are
Make sure you know you are happy for the right things i.e things you wish, want , expect or comfortable with.
Never be in the dark instead be aware.
That way, the control of your life is in your hands and not in another man’s, constant happiness and peace of mind because you are doing what you want, wish and comfortable with.

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