A Guide to Success



I have written quite a number of posts that will help you to succeed. They are create yourself, self productivity, but keep moving, it is not impossible, what do you think you are doing with your life, stay focused and so on. But adding one, two or three points to the listed posts above will also greatly help in achieving success.

When you woke up this morning, what where the things you planned to achieve today?, this month?, or this year? If you do not plan everyday towards your goals, I advice you include planing as part of your strategy to success.

Why planning? Planning because it would help you to achieve more daily, monthly and yearly, help you to be focused and address things of importance and things of non-importance. The link below will give you a guide to a successful future from wikihow “Plan for a successful future“. For me, I plan by executing the most important things first, go for a break and execute the least important things. Depending on our persons, you can execute the least important things first, go for a break and most important but without allowing laziness to be in our plan.

If what you always say is I will do it later, I will do it later, I will do it later, then it is better to say I will never do it than deceive yourself. Avoid procrastination. It brings about backwardness and big fail. Gratification which is the opposite of delay gratification is one thing we should also avoid because the main work will never be accomplished properly. When all you do is the easiest work because you are lazy, then when it’s time to execute the big work, you will end up unproductive. Procrastination and gratification are things that we should not welcome when we want to succeed.



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