Responsibilities of Parents to Children


The title of this post is responsibilities as parents not as individuals to children i.e mother to children or father to children but as parents to children meaning both the mother and father working together. We might think sometimes we only have individual responsibilities to the children but we are wrong. For example, a football team has to work together to have a great football team, the leaders of a country has to work together to have a good, happy and great country. The same goes for the parents to children. The parents have to also work together to have the best children they can ever imagine for themselves and for the society.  There’s a popular saying, “If you want to go fast go alone, If you want to go far, go together”

Before parents get married, I expect there should have at least being a common understanding about each others personalities and other necessary things. Parents first need to come together, understand what each of them want for their children, scrap out the unnecessary things and keep the things that are necessary for the upbringing of the children together as this will bring about unity and great work of upbringing of the children for their satisfactions as parents which should help in the children’s healthy living and growth as a family.

The Responsibilities of Parents to Children

Religion and Spirituality: This is the first and the most important responsibility to the children. The basis of us on this earth stands on religion and spirituality. Taking your children to church, teaching them the ways and behaviours of a christian life is one they will not be able to do without because relating to one another requires good behaviour and a sense of maturity.

Education (School): As parents, the second most important thing you can ever give to your children is sending them to good and sound schools. Why good and sound schools? In one of my posts, titled philosophy of education I wrote, “Education is the transfer of quality information. The future is in what we give out. How you educate someone determines how the future will be. Your society is determined by the quality of information that is transferred among one another.
Information spreads like a celebrity’s leaked nude picture and information can get distorted the way a nude picture can be photo shopped.
Most of the life experiences of your kid(s) come from the school(s) they go to.
What type of school(s) do you send your kid(s) to? The school(s) that the lecturers sleep in class rooms? Or the school(s) that the lecturers don’t know half of what they are teaching? Or the schools that overlook bad behaviours?
What future do you want for your kid(s)?” The behaviours your kids are likely to show are behaviours from home and school and that is why you should send them to good and sound schools and that is why education the the second most important thing you can give to your children as parents.

Love: If not love as the third most important, then what else? In one of my posts titled your children not yours, I wrote “Your children are given to you for the main time
They don’t belong to you
They came from you
Love and teach right them , let them go, let them make mistakes
They will learn from your teaching
They will thank you
They will love you”

When as parents, you show your children love, they will learn from you, live happy, stay great and you will end up developing the best children for yourselves as parents and also for the society.

Lastly, self development: The moment we stop learning is the moment we are dead. Because as parents this is one of the responsibilities you give to your children, you have to also be learning to also self developed yourselves as parents for continuous healthy living in the family. Self development in terms of teaching the male children the developments of a man and female children developments of a woman e.g Marriage and Courtesy.


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