According to Wikipedia, a teacher (also called a school teacher or, in some contexts, an educator) is a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competences or values. The job of a teacher is great it’s self, If you are a teacher, I can say you are doing a great job/profession. To decide to be a great teacher only shows how great you are already because you have decided to want to not only improve on yourself but to help others to be better. I am an inspirational writer (guidance and counselling) in which I fall into the category of teaching. Though this write up is about how to be a great teacher but what I’m really intending to teach is “my idea” on how to be a great teacher. We all have different ideas, I can learn from you, you can learn from me. I’m not the best among others but I’m the best of myself and still learning and practicing to always be a better version of myself in which I hope you do the same.

To be a great teacher, one needs to first understand that it is a serious-minded job and one needs to be serious-minded. To understand that it is a serious minded job and one needs to be serious-minded, has qualified you to the next stage of being a great teacher. Serious-minded, according to oxford dictionaries means sincere, solemn, or thoughtful in character or manner. What is your definition of great? To have a common mind about being great in this write up because great has a lot of definitions. I will define great in this write-up as being excellent at what you do.

The job of a teacher, requires one to deal with people, their physical and mental capabilities. If you remember, I wrote one needs to first understand that teaching is a serious-minded job and one needs to be serious-minded. To deal with people and their physical and mental capabilities, one obviously has to be serious-minded. Dealing with one’s physical and mental capabilities of a person means developing, growing and building a human being. Without being taught one way or the other while growing up, we probably would have all been barbarians. The teaching profession, is one that carries a lot of responsibilities, good qualities and morals.

How to be a Great Teacher

Learn and perfect the skill of understanding people: The main purpose of learning the skill of understanding people is because you will need it for addressing people properly. When you understand people, addressing, talking to others properly will help better teaching. Understanding the kind of people they are, what they like not what you like or what you want for them and imposing it on them, where they come from, their perspective about life will make you a great teacher. Knowing these things, will improve your teaching skill (Passing knowledge) and people will see you as an understanding person which is very important for the profession.

Correct for the purpose of learning: You can correct nicely but being always nice is not good. Spare the rod and spoil the child. Not all the time you use the rod. We should know when to correct nicely and when to correct with the rod. One way one can use the rod is when the student has really messed up. When a student is wrong, correct only for the purpose of the student to understand and learn. If you correct but the student does not know why, it’s a wasted effort.

Give compliments and have time for fun: At the end of any work done properly, a teacher should have the habit of complimenting the student. As this will help in the child’s better living and your recognition. According to the popular saying, all work and no play make jack a dull boy. The students should also be allowed to have a good amount of fun.

Motivate: This is one main quality every teacher should possess. The skill of motivating. Telling your students they can do it always is very important in the profession of teaching. Never bring them down or make them feel incapable or not good enough but rather motivating them properly according to their talents. The teachers themselves need motivation as no one is perfect. I sometimes read motivational quotes when I need to get inspired when I feel down and they work perfectly well for me.

Be ready to learn from your students: Everyone is a teacher and the purpose of teaching is to learn from the teacher. To be ready to always be a student to your students will improve you mentally, physically and be a better version of yourself.

Lastly and most importantly, Be Generous: Because a teacher deals with people, a teacher needs to be generous, show love always, have a happy face, a forgiving heart and above all be noble and classy.

To be a great teacher, one needs to possess these qualities always and be recognized with them. I can guarantee you that if you always possess this qualities, you will be a great teacher. Ideas are appreciated and welcomed from you in the comment section to help me, others and you.

I will close this write up with this popular saying, “Teaching is the mother of all professions”

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