How to Keep a Long Distance Relationship


A relationship that is not distant is seen sometimes as difficult not to talk of that which is  distant. In life, we don’t know why some things happen. But when they happen, we should always have a positive mindset and be grateful. In a long distance relationship, we should be grateful. In my post on how to live a healthy life, I wrote, Be grateful to God always. Being grateful and thankful always open doors of greatness and opportunities. Keeping a relationship, does not only mean for it to last forever. It’s not how far but how well – Dave Dorr. Keeping a relationship, distant or not, we should focus on how to make the relationship favourable for you both.

Love is the first thing you need it to successfully keep a relationship. You have to constantly work on yourselves in other not to loose interest in each other. There are sometimes where you find yourself loosing interest in your partner. Those feelings are normal but it is abnormal when you react wrongly to the feeling. How you react to the feelings determines our level of maturity and level at which we love our partner. When we begin to loose interest in our partner, we should understand the feeling in normal and know that he or she is still our partner and we are suppose to love and care for our partner regardless of any feelings. When we practice the habit of constant showing love, our mind and body gets use to it and we begin to notice we love our partner frequently.

Self Control: When your partner is away, there some urges like sex urge or the urge to feel companion from the opposite sex. When we cheat, it can ruin the relationship and that is the last thing we want. While stumbling through the internet, I found this link which should help you resist from cheating how not to cheat on your partner from psychology today

Understanding is key in any type of relationship. What does understanding entails? Knowing your partner, the kind of personality he or she posses, what he or she loves and hate, what he or she dislikes or likes about you and other people. Frequently and always maintaining what he or she loves and removing what he or she dislikes, managing these personalities between each other. How to better understand your partner  by from psychcentral

Maturity: Without maturity, we would not be able to perfectly keep any type of relationship. We are not perfect but we should constantly check ourselves to be better than what we were and help our partner to be a better person and not better than him or her and be supportive. My post on how to be mature will help you more on the area of maturity. How to be mature.

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