In trying to achieve what you set our mind to do, one challenge you are likely to face is the challenge of coming across people that will want to you to reduce your light for them so that they can be noticed. People will even go to the extent of making you feel like a bad person and a wicked person for your own reward of your work, blessing or success. You reap what you sow. If you give out what you reaped then that is very bad. It means you are giving your success out.

I have a very close friend that started something she loved even if she was scared about the success of the thing she started. When she started, everything was going well for her but as she continues, friends that were doing similar things with hers, started competing with her, but she chose not to get moved by their actions, instead she was competing with herself. Sooner people started getting jealous of her success as she was getting all the attention and reward for her work. Because people were getting jealous and they were not getting as much attention as she was did not mean she had to stop working for them to be noticed.

If you stop working for the haters, then you are an hater of yourself. They are haters and until they change they will always hate. Even when you are not working, they are still hating. Ignore their hate, help them because we all need love but don’t take their hatred to heart. You should not let people make you feel like you need to hide or abandon your dreams. Your blessings are your blessings. Take it with pride when the reward of your work comes. Do not give out your reward. The blessings of your friend is her’s or his own blessings. Do not try to take her’s or his blessing too.

The theory is that you work and you get paid. If you don’t get paid, do not stop working because our role is to work and not worry about whether we are paid or not or worrying about the difficulty of working. We should do out part always and doing it really and very well and that will get us what we deserve which is our right. Avoid jealousy or trying to take what is not yours. I will end this write up with the famous quote “No pain, no gain”




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