What do you understand by the title of this post? With your understanding, what is your reply to the title question? If you chose your life? Why? And why not theirs? If you chose theirs, Why? And why not yours? Is your life better than theirs or theirs better than yours? Have you defined your life? Have they defined your life? Have they defined their life or you defined it for them? What is the definition of your life and theirs? Most times, people say you should always appreciate yourself and your life but then appreciating another person’s life is not a bad idea because it shows a sign of love. Wanting to have another person’s life is mostly seen as bad but I will say it is bad when you look down on yourself.

Your life or theirs? Why should I have to ask you your life or theirs? If anyone should ask you such a question you should reply asking the person with why are you asking me? Because you need to know and make sure the person is not asking thinking one life is better than the other. You cannot be answering such a question in that perspective but rather motivating the person. That is why we should always be aware about what we are venturing into.

If I’m to ask you to advice me on which to pick between my life or theirs, how will you advice me? Why do I want you to advice me? Because we all need advice, no advice is better than the other. We can all learn from each other. I will appreciate if you can write your advice down in the comment section for me and others to learn after you are done reading my own advice.

Your life should be your first choice because without your life, how will you appreciate another person’s life? Appreciate your life and everything concerning you first. After appreciating and loving your life then you can comfortably appreciate or love another person life. Similar to the explanation I gave in paragraph one, and referring to one of my posts (poem) titled be yourself, I wrote

We are all arts
Every art in the museum has it’s unique beauty
If you don’t represent your uniqueness,
Who will do that for you?

How will your beauty be seen?
We are all beautiful in our own ways
Be yourself
Love everything about you

Nurture your uniqueness,
So the world can see your beauty”

We should cultivate the habit of not comparing one another, making some people feel less than others and others feeling better than others as such behavior can cause depression. Our aim should be eradicating depression and low self-esteem and promoting togetherness, one love, loving each other’s uniqueness for the best living we can ever imagine. It is human to be jealous, think of yours as bad or think of others as better but they are not healthy thoughts for you and also others and such thought does not help in self and society development because such thought can lead to unfavorable behaviours.

Our upbringing from family and society and our natural behaviours greatly has an effect on how we think and understand and that is why we should always develop ourselves frequently to better understand our life and others. Understand and know yourself better, develop yourself physically, mentally and spiritually every day to keep you glowing. To help develop yourself, you can read my post that explains how you can live a life to improve your body, mind and soul how I (to) live a healthy life. Their life is theirs and it is also their responsibility to love, develop and choose their life first so they can also appreciate and love your life.

I will ask you again your life or theirs?

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