6 Attitudes to Avoid Anxiety



Having more control over our actions and attitudes help us to be smarter in every aspect of our lives. Why the need to avoid anxiety? Anxiety itself is not a good feeling. The need to avoid anxiety is the need to be aware and to be aware leads to a positive mindset. Because “No pain no gain”, to avoid anxiety, we have to be ready to always work to avoid it. There are attitudes you have to welcome and start practicing if you haven’t in your life. These attitudes that I’m going to explain will help you avoid anxiety better and completely.

Discipline: A way of training your mind to learn to control your behaviour. To be disciple generally is difficult but easy for some. To have a positive mindset, you cannot avoid being discipline with your work, social life, marital life, all area of your life. Being discipline makes you more alert to your surroundings and avoid anxiety

Education: Education is key in which with education, you cannot do without being discipline to be successfully educated. Being Ready to Grow mentally, physically, spiritually is (body, mind and soul) important to avoid anxiety. I can say with only education, you can almost eradicate anxiety. With education, you can see things differently from different perspective, make mistakes and learn from mistakes to be a better person

Accepting the present: Accepting things the way they are, exploring the way things are without fear or worry or unnecessary questions helps to dismiss anxiety. Not being judgemental, accepting your faults irrespective of the outcome and not blaming others. When the feeling of anxiety arises, being relaxed, accepting you have anxiety is great because when you are able to control yourself when you have anxiety, you can decide to do other things. That way the anxiety clears from your mind because you are focused on other things

Confidence in oneself: To be self confident does not only mean to be able to speak in public but to be able to think of yourself as capable to do and not incapable. it is an important characteristic to develop your inner confidence. Learning to believe in yourself should be an attitude you should take into practice.

With patience and time, you feel the experience of your anxiety, learn more about yourself and your kind of anxiety because it can vary from person to person. The anxiety becomes something you know how to dismiss easily.

Lastly, a point I got from calmclinic, listen to Good Mood Music: Every little thing matters. That’s why even if it sounds like it won’t make a tremendous difference, listening to your favorite music can have a powerful effect on your anxiety. They key is to not just choose songs you like, however. The key is also to make sure you’re listening to music that represents the way you want to feel. Happy or relaxing music, not just any music.

The reality is that music does affect emotions. So while many people find it soothing to listen to angry music when you’re angry or sad music when you’re sad, the truth is that this type of music will only help you get in touch with those negative emotions. They won’t help you feel better. When you’re trying to stop anxiety now, you should listen to music that will help you feel the way you want to feel.

These attitudes does not only help in anxiety, they help in other aspect of our life.

“If anxiety is unrelenting and chronically interfering with daily life, it’s a good idea to consult a doctor or mental health profession.” – fastcompany.com




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