The Little Things Matter the Most


Why does the little things matter? The little things matter because it is the little things when added up forms the big things. When we do the little things correctly, we get a big perfect satisfying result.
Your little attitudes determine who you attract to your life. According to the popular phrase, “if you want to catch a fool, you have to act like a fool”. Act like what you want to attract to your life.
We love somethings and hate other things
We can accommodate some attitudes and cannot just stand others
We judge correctly and we misjudge. We overlook the little things thinking they don’t have any have any effect on us but it is the little things that have a huge effect on us over time.
The more we become aware and observant of our actions, behaviors, thinking, attitudes, surroundings and how we respond to these things, our lives becomes better.

Have you ever been in a situation just like the one have been in where you and your friend are going on a stroll and you meet another mutual friend on the way. The mutual friend said hello to you but didn’t say hello to your other friend. Because the mutual friend didn’t say hello to the friend you where strolling with, made your friend upset and started holding a grudge against the mutual friend for as long as you can imagine? If something as little as not saying hi within a second can cause a 1 year malice then the  way we care for the big things is the same way we should care for the small things.

I cannot work in an untidy environment. It will be difficult for me to work for the big things when my environment is untidy.

Every action we make every second, day, month and year determines our attitude. . Everyone is watching your little and irrelevant actions. People are taking notes. Make those little actions count. Your actions also determine your future. If you make the right attitudes, you will have the desired result of the future you want.
The little things are easily overlooked because they are little. Over look the little things and see the big things fading.


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