Have had a lot of dreams but one thing that stops my dreams from coming through is lack of self confidence. To be able to showcase my works e.g this post and this blog you are on now was very difficult for me because I lacked self confidence. How was I able to come out of my shell? When I made my first post, I was scared, thought people wouldn’t like my post, scared of criticism and even thought of deleting the post but for no reason I didn’t delete the post and I continued to keep writing. I was new to writing, blogging and showcasing. With time my self confidence improved even though I was not getting the required audience when I started.

Why didn’t I stop even when I got bad criticism or felt like I wasn’t doing a good Job? Even thought I didn’t get the required audience when I started? I didn’t stop because with time I began to feel (Self confident) that I had the capability to get the audience I wished for in terms of followers, likes and traffic of my blog. With time I started getting good compliments, traffic, likes and followers after my self confidence had been boosted.

How did I boost my Self Confidence?

Had a Specific Goal: What do you want to achieve? Without planing you cannot really achieve anything successfully. Don’t have a goal and never achieve anything successfully. If you have a goal, you will always work towards that goal and not just working anyhow. When you work towards your goal, you achieve something, which is your specific goal. If you have no goal, you will not achieve anything important. If you have a goal, you will always be motivated to work because you have something to achieve. In the process of achieving your goal, you will notice that you will learn better and improve better in your self confidence.

Used Negative Thoughts Positively: Negative thoughts and comments in my opinion is the main reason people don’t have self confidence. There were some bad comments I turned to favour me. I studied some of the bad comments that had good points I could learn from and used them to improve on my writings and blog. When the negative thoughts came, I felt bad I was been rejected. Sometimes your work might be good but still be rejected because of  Jealousness from people. When those bad comments came, I brushed some of them aside, decided not the let them get to me or affect the progress of my writings and because I knew where I was headed (A plan) I decided not to stop. It is good to have a plan because your work might not be good enough for someone with a different plan. If you have a plan and you know what you want, what you are looking for and where you are going, some of these bad comments will not get to you. If you put negative thoughts to mind, you won’t go far. If I had let the negative thoughts affected me, you probably won’t be reading this post right now.

Thought Positively: Always have a positive mindset. Be positive always because positivity boosts your self confidence. Think about things positively. The more positive ways we think, the more positive ideas come. If you think negatively, negative ideas will always find a away to come in and with negative ideas, your self confidence will reduce. Cultivate the habit of thinking positively and pushing aside the negative thoughts. Learn about how to think positively in this link how to be positive and change your life instantly

Focused on Solutions. One of the ways to think positively is to be a problem solver. If you encounter a problem, don’t be negative about it. Always look for ways to solve the problem. In looking for ways to solve the problem, a better idea can come because you are working and your self confidence will boost. Don’t be a complainer and don’t leave the problems thinking it will change by itself. If you don’t solve the problem who will? If you are the kind that complains and leave the problems unsolved, thinking somehow it will get solved. I hope you change that attitude immediately because it is not good for you.

Be Grateful: Always be grateful wherever you are and whatever you have accomplished. Someone somewhere is wishing to be where you are today. If you have not achieved your goal but still working on it, be grateful. Always look back at how far you have come and show appreciation. When we show appreciation, we get blessed more. Showing appreciation boosts self confidence. I am grateful to God on how far I have come with my blog.

In my post on 6 attitudes to avoid anxiety, I wrote Education: Education is key in which with education, you cannot do without being discipline to be successfully educated. Being Ready to Grow mentally, physically, spiritually is (body, mind and soul) important to avoid anxiety. I can say with only education, you can almost eradicate anxiety. With education, you can see things differently from different perspective, make mistakes and learn from mistakes to be a better person. Education is important for self confidence. When you are educated, more aware, you will be more confident in yourself.

I will end this post with this quote “Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit” – E.E. Cummings




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