3 Reasons You Should Love Your Enemies


We should always practice the habit of seeing the good in the bad. In one of my posts titled to make is to break, to break is to make. I wrote “If we fail to see the good in the bad then we will always see bad in the good.”Enemies are generally associated with bad. If I suggest you should end all grudges with your enemies, I am sure I will automatically become your enemy because of the I made suggestion. Not everyone will like you and you probably will not like everyone. Some people you call your enemies didn’t even hurt you that much for to keep them away from you

Most people will be amazed by this article. Who loves their enemies? Why should you love your enemy? Why should you love a bad thing? Below are the reasons you should love your enemies and reasons your enemies are important to you


Good health: If you know the importance of loving and showing care does to your health, you will stop hating your enemies and loving them now. When we love, we release a hormone called oxytocin which reduces low blood pressure. The more we show love the more we release this hormone which then reduces low blood pressure. Show love more and reduce low blood pressure. People that show love are less likely to suffer emotional trauma (depression) compared to those who hate or show love less. Lastly, Spiritually, we keep getting blessed when we love and care. You are doing yourself a favour when you are loving. It is yourself, you should love yourself.

Use their negativity positively: According to the popular phrase, there is no smoke without fire. When your enemies make bad comments about you, some might be true and because some might be true, think through the comments, understand why the comments where made and try to make the required adjustments to yourself to better yourself. For the comments that are not true, think through them too, they can also be helpful to improve on yourself on thing you were not doing.

In my post titled boost your self confidence, I wrote There were some bad comments I turned to favour me. I studied some of the bad comments that had good points I could learn from and used them to improve on my writings and blog.

Healthy competitions: Healthy competitions brings out our potentials. When you compete for the right reasons, you can go along way in your life. You are competing for the right reasons when you look around and appreciate what others have because it makes them a better person and you decide to have what they have and even have better of when they have for your benefit. Competing in this way helps you to reach your full potentials, achieve your dreams and be a happy person.



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