Believe in Yourself First then Others will


So there’s this dream you’ve been thinking about, a dream you love, a dream or goal that if you haven’t achieved it yet, you cannot sleep or live comfortably but you don’t know how to go about your dream, how to start and how to achieve your dream. You decide you want to achieve your dream one day and they tell you dreams are not real, they tell you it is not possible, they tell you are not capable of achieving that dream, they tell you no one can achieve it. You believe them and decide to stop acting towards your dream to make it come true.

Most times, our family and friends don’t believe we can achieve our dream. They will either talk you down or doubt you. They will always try to convince you not to achieve your dream because they think you cannot achieve your dream. Especially the adults, they think they are more experienced and believe they are always right and you should always believe and follow their advice.

But you can’t sleep when your dreams are not achieved. Here’s what to do. 

Getting lack of support is normal. Because we get lack of support from people, our attitude towards our dream drops drastically.  How we handle the lack of support is what is important to us. The way we handle this lack of support determines if we can make our dream come true or not. You should not allow negative comments in-bind in your mind. Always reason out the negative comments and see how you can make them positive to make your dream come true. No one will think you can do it, no one will believe in you, no one will have your time until you have proved them wrong by making your dream come true. Then they will believe in you. To achieve your dream, you have to first believe in yourself. You have to believe you are capable. Read my post on boost your self confidence to get more confidence in yourself

To know that nothing is impossible is the first step in believing in yourself. If nothing is impossible, then you achieving your dream is possible. Most times, our fear of achieving our dream is failing. One thing you should know is that it is better to try than not to try. When you try, you will learn more, what you learnt can also be used to progress your work and also in other aspects of life. Accept failures, they are proves you are working. To be working leads to progress and progress leads to achieving. No one is perfect. When you fail, you will learn from your mistakes and use them to work better. Read my post on never be scared to fail. To fail, develops you. When people make comments, sometimes it is better to understand what they are saying than to believe. Some are jealous of your dream, your courage to want to achieve and some don’t even care. They are just giving out bad energy. If they say you can’t do it or it is not possible it just means they think they are not good enough to achieve too. What people say, says a lot about them. You don’t want to surround yourself with bad energy but positivity. People that will tell you can do it is who you should surround yourself with

Let your actions make those who think you can’t do it believe in you.
Believe in yourself first then other’s will
You are the driver of your life. Let others drive your life and watch your life gradually go down


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