Edit and Not Erase Your Life


So as I was thinking about what to  write about today because I wanted to flex my muscles, relax my mind and improve my writing skill. I had an idea of what I wanted to write at first, I wrote the first sentence but wasn’t okay with the it came out then I decided edited to a different sentence entirely but with the same idea. While doing this, another idea came to my mind which ended up being the title of this post. I was excited with the title because it is something that is very helpful in self development. From one of my posts, I wrote”most of the time we say we want to change our life totally but loving our self is the most important. If we are not constantly editing our life then we are living well. Change is constant, change is inevitable. 

Sometimes we find ourselves in a complete devastated period and don’t know what to do. We talk to friends, we seek help but noting happens, we cry, we go hungry, we have sleepless nights, we are in pain, people are not there for us. You look at yourself and think your are worthless and decide you want to erase your life and not edit. I have been there. Wanted to erase my life and not edit. I thought there was nothing to be happy for and I could never be happy. How did I edit my life? I prayed, I cried. check my post on how I managed my depression. I didn’t choose to edit my life, I was in a position where to edit my life never came to mind. After I prayed, I realized to edit my life was what I should choose. Today I’m smiling and praying not to ever be in that state. When we are in bad situations, we have no control over ourselves but when you constantly develop yourself, having control over difficult situations gets easier.

Sometimes, we don’t have to be in a bad state before we can edit our life. To accept you we are wrong is a very difficult thing to do and it takes courage but when you have accepted your wrong and ready begin to edit, you begin to see improvements in your life. To choose to edit your life, means you love your self. Edit your life, edit again and again and again. Life is fun, take is slow and steady. Life it is not a race. Enjoy every bit of your life. Make memories, make history. There are a lot of things you can do to make yourself happy. Enjoy yourself. When you see what you don’t like with your life, change it if you can, if you can’t change it, love it or ignore it but don’t be sad. You see what you love? go for it, learn it, get it, use it for your good. Edit your friends, edit your goals, edit your hobbies. Your happiness awaits you please don’t erase your life. Be the best you can be.



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