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The idea of having a bad situation on its own is overwhelming to the mind not to talk of trying to live with a bad situation. Because we have no control over life its self, we thrive to live the best life can wherever we find ourselves. We obviously don’t plan to be in a bad situation but when we find ourselves there what should we do? How should we act? How can we handle the situation? No one likes the idea of bad situations but bad times make strong men. When we go through hard times, we don’t know they are great blessings in disguise. We grow, we learn, we understand, we get renewed, we live better and stronger.

Let your self feel the moment: Understand you are in the situation already and accept the situation. Don’t say why me, don’t over think it as it can cause more damage to your health. Stop thinking about it too much. Popular phrase “Instead of saying why me, you say try me”. There are a lot of ways you can let your self feel the situation. Writing down how you feel about the situation gives you a feeling of acceptance. Understanding the situation allows you to be self developed, you will be aware about the problem and can use it to help another person which helps us to live better. Sharing the experience to friends, family, strangers and even people that are in similar situations you are in allows you to feel the situation and take your mind away from the pain. Tell people how you feel, let others share their own experience, seek for positive help from people with the same situation. Share ideas on how you live with the situation with those people. Practicing these routines develops you, you will get stronger, smarter and above all a better person. There’s no way you will not grow. Growth leads to happiness. Our main purpose is to grow and be happy.

Learn to take control of bad situations by changing your thoughts. This can be a very difficult action to take because you might think there’s no hope, all hope is gone. What are the things you should start thinking when changing your thoughts?

  • No bad situation is permanent
  • Joy is yours and not pain
  • It is a blessing not a bad thing
  • It is an experience you will learn and grow from
  • Laugh at the situation
  • Having a bad situation doesn’t make you different from anyone. It is normal
  • Never let go
  • Don’t change badly for the situation but let it bring out the good in you
  • Love the moment and enjoy the experience
  • It will end

Changing your thoughts positively towards the situation helps greatly to live comfortably in the situation.

Stay positive!


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