How to let go of the Past

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Why can’t the past just erase itself? Why can’t the time go back so you can adjust your mistake? Why can’t you just be happy again? Why can’t you just stop thinking of the past? The past is just holding your happiness down, giving you sleepless nights and shame. This past of a thing has a way of always creeping into our present and future even when we try not to let it creep in. The past here is something that makes us feel unwell and react badly when we remember. To feel unwell and react badly are things we always want to look forward to stopping. There are things we didn’t wish to do but later had a bad effect on us, a disagreement with a loved one that caused a bit a distance between you and that person, things we have done in the past that we regret, things people have done to us but find it difficult to forgive. These occurrences can make us feel depressed. I will assist you to learn how to let go of the past and stop feeling disturbed.

Think it: One way we always try to avoid this past is not thinking about it because of the shame it brings to us but thinking about i.e being aware of it is one way to let go of the past. We shy away from thinking about it because of how depressed it makes us feel. Try to remember the past by yourself, think about why it happened, what mistake you made and how not to make the mistake again.

Confront it: When we confront these feelings, we feel better. How can you confront it? Make the past a present. Tell yourself this past has happened and you are not going to allow yourself to be affected by it negatively only positively. Ask yourself why do you feel negative about this feeling? When you know why you feel negative about the feeling, if the negativity is something you can solve then solve it immediately but if it isn’t something you can solve then let yourself it has happened, there’s nothing you can do about it and you choose not to be bothered about it and move on with your life positively always. What is happening to you is not strange. It can happen to anyone. Don’t make yourself feel left alone or ashamed.

Let it be, Let it go: The same way you made yourself remember the past is the same way you can push the thoughts of the past away when you are not comfortable with it. This process of pushing the thought aside vary from person to person depending on your level of experience of life, age and other things. The thought might not leave you immediately but there are various ways you can push the thought aside. When the thoughts come in, you can choose to do other things that are fun to you, you can learn to relax your mind, practise yoga and exercise frequently. Following these steps frequently will eventually completely make you stop thinking about the past.

Most of the time when we completely let go of the past, we look back and ask ourself “Why was I worried in the first instance?”. You begin to tell yourself you were a fool for being worried. Be patient, don’t rush it, time heals. The past is the past it will go.



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