To be content has a great impact on us positively

  • You will appreciate and see the beauty in things better than when you always have them
  • You will save more and better
  • You will have more allowance for yourself and better things
  • You will have allowance for urgent and important things
  • With contentment comes peace, joy and happiness
  • You will compete/compare less or stop
  • You will appreciate life more, love and understand yourself better
  • You will have better relationships, better health, better presentation of yourself
  • You will be happier

There’s this urge we have of wanting everything every time and doing anything to get those things even when they are not important to us and even when they reduce our revenue and make us lack money. You want these things maybe because your friend has the same, you are competing or you like the feeling of having them.

To be content, you need to know that life is not about having excess but having peace. Excess by the name means irrelevant, not important. Why do you want to have irrelevant and not important things around you? The way we live our lives, determines the kind of things that comes into our lives. Keep unimportant and irrelevant things in your life and see those type of things come into your life regularly (Useless and not welcomed things). When you understand that these things are not needed, you should start getting to do away with those things that make you not to be content.

Be aware of what you have, we get excess things because we are not aware about the usefulness of the ones we already have. When you are aware and know the usefulness of the ones you already have, you’ll begin to know that there’s no point in having excess. Always check those ones you already have and be grateful for them.

Plan your spending, Planing how you spend might not be completely effective for some people but can be a good guide to be content. When you plan your allowances, you know what to buy and what not to buy. That way, the urge to have more things reduces and you will begin live better.

Lastly, Live a life of value and not of material things, value is terms of who you keep company with, how you speak, how you keep healthy, what you do, how you dress and so on. Learning to live a valuable life, automatically crosses out having excess things or being materialistic. When you are focused on living a valuable life, you begin to see life from a different perspective. Spend mindful time with yourself and your urge of wanting reduces





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