How to Settle an Argument Effectively

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Sometimes we find ourselves in arguments we didn’t plan for and the ones we planned for. Disagreements can really put us in bad states, allows us not to be able to live a normal life because we are not happy having to be in disagreement with another person. Sometimes we feel when we make the first step in settling an argument, we are stupid. To be able to settle an argument, takes a lot of maturity and smartness. Sometimes we are shy about walking up to the other person and most times, we are still angry. The Fear of being rejected by the other person stops us greatly from settling an argument. Being in an argument is bad but settling an argument itself can really put us in a worse state.

Don’t force it 

Even when you don’t act towards settling an argument, it can still be settled when both parties are mature. The both of you can just put the argument aside and continue with your daily activities like nothing happened. What if the other person is not ready to settle the argument? What should you do? Apologize, forgive the person and move on with your life without holding any grudge towards that person.

To settle an argument effectively

Understand yourself and the other party: To make an effective approach, you need to understand yourself, how you talk to people (To be sure it is not offensive), how you want people to talk to you, your resistance to when people offend you, the kind of apology you like, how you act and how you want people to act to you, what you like and what you hate, what you want and what you don’t want. The way you understand yourself is the same way you should understand the other party so as to avoid another argument when settling the previous one.

Understand the argument: Because you have chosen to settle an argument, you are on the right path of life because you have chosen peace and happiness. In life, they say whatever we want to venture into, we have to plan and understand that thing to have a satisfying result. You need to understand the argument, what caused the argument, was it that you said something wrong or the other person did? or it was a misinterpretation or a deliberate act? Understanding the argument, will allow you to know the appropriate step to take in settling the argument. The step you will take to settle the argument if it was a deliberate act can differ if it was a misinterpretation. When you understand the argument, get an answer to that problem before presenting yourself to the other party. Seek for advice from people you trust, check the internet and other helpful sources for advice.

Present yourself: When you have understood yourself and the other party, the problem, gotten an approach to address the problem to other party, you can now present yourself. By presenting yourself, both parties must take the action of apologizing and forgiving each other to settle the argument better and avoid future arguments. To apologize and forgive is a seal to the end of the argument. It is unavoidable for an effective settlement of an argument


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