Stop Self deception For Success’ Sake

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The act of self deception is very clinging and difficult to resist because of the high feeling we get. Everyone one way or the other suffers this problem. Self deception can delay your success, affect relationships  and affect your health (body, mind and soul) negatively. Self deception is when you lie to yourself, avoid and deny the truth because we can’t stand the truth and knowing fully well the truth is bitter and the truth might affect our ego and so on. I sometimes avoid the truth and tell myself a lie to make myself happy. There has been sometime in the past where I took a test and after I was done with the test, I told myself I did it well and I am sure I am going to excel in that test when I knew fully well I didn’t write that test well. We have been in this kind of scenario before at least once. When the results eventually came out, I failed woefully and then begin to weep. Assuming I didn’t lie to myself, and told myself, I would have been able to learn and understand better in case of occurrence of similar questions and I would not have wept.

Why do we need to stop self deception? 

We all love success, the reward of success is sweet but the journey to success is painful. You wish to be successful, but deceive yourself? Stopping self deception might be a bit challenging but you have to understand that with self deception, you can’t go far with your goals. You obviously need to achieve your goals and because of this, you have to stop deceiving yourself. Telling yourself you have done the right thing when you know it is the wrong thing you did would cause backwardness instead of you to be moving forward with your goals and achieving them.

We need to stop self deception because it can cause serious damage to our health. When you are not feeling too good and you tell yourself otherwise, the problem can increase and cause serious damage to the body. Loved ones can also get hurt and other vital things to us are prone to be lost when we deceive ourself

How to stop self deception

  • Love your self. When you love yourself, you will be able to accept the truth better and know that the truth is far better than the lie. When you love yourself you will always want to accept the truth. Read my post on how to love yourself to know how to love your self.
  • Be conscious of the things you say to yourself so you can be aware when you are lying to yourself and face the truth
  • Boost yourself confidence. By boosting yourself confidence, you will have the courage to tell yourself the truth. Read my post on boost your self confidence to help you tell yourself the truth
  • Be aware of the feelings self deception comes with so you can manage those feelings better. To be able to take control of our feelings improves us mentally and prepared for success.


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