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We have been buried emotionally but not aware of it. We are not allowed to talk because we will be called sensitive and we believe them when they say we are sensitive. You woke up one Saturday morning joyfully, took a bath, planned for the day to go for a social gathering in the evening which you have been looking forward to with friends and family. You got to the event but no one welcomed you nicely and you were left to sort yourself by yourself but you are new to the place. You ask yourself, why were you not welcomed nicely? but you couldn’t figure out the exact problem and decided to ignore them. Next time, they invited you for another event. The same thing happened but decided not to let it bother you because you still don’t understand why you have been left out but you are starting to be uncomfortable with such places. They invited you for another event but chose not to show up because you are not okay with such places anymore. Because you didn’t show up, they call you sensitive without understanding you. They insult you, call you ugly, call you stupid, call you unfriendly names, bring you down and when you reply them with such words, they call you sensitive. Maybe you are sensitive to insults, maybe you are sensitive to disrespective people, maybe you are sensitive to bitter people, maybe you are sensitive to jealous people. Maybe they are sensitive to your success, maybe they are sensitive to your beauty, maybe they are sensitive to your carriage, maybe they are sensitive to your happiness. You have been emotionally buried because you are not allowed to speak up. You allow them to bury you because you lack awareness. People will do what they choose to do whether you are sensitive or not. They don’t care about your feeling just their’s.

Your dreams and goals has been buried because when you try to achieve them, they will call you sensitive because they are sensitive about your big dreams. What is wrong is wrong. If you think you are right, who is to tell you that you are sensitive if you are aware? Put yourself first irrespective of their sensitivity. Take care of yourself and satisfy your needs.


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