Stop Speaking to Yourself Negatively

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You were told to do something at work but you were unable to do it successfully and because of the unsuccessful work, you were rated badly, it got to you and decided to beat up yourself, call yourself insultive names, wish bad things towards yourself and disgrace yourself. There are times whereby we were not even treated badly and we still talk and wish negative towards ourself. When I was younger  (Age 7-8), I was been told different kinds of stories about child birth, the pain of child birth used to scare me and I will tell myself because of the pain, I don’t want to give birth. What I didn’t know was that a lot of people had given birth, a lot are still giving birth and a lot will still give birth with or without the pain of labor. I didn’t know that if they did it I can do it. I didn’t know that it was a way of life, an experience, an adventure to love and it is not suppose to kill you but rather make you feel great that you experienced child labor and motherhood. Though there are different ways you can have a child of your own without going through labor. As a grew older, I was been told whatever you say to yourself comes to pass. Without waiting for a second, I began to reject every bad statements had said to myself because I was immature.

The consequences of speaking negatively to yourself

When you say you cannot do it, you will not be able to do it and you will not even try to do it to be able to convince yourself that you can do it. Speaking negatively to yourself result in an unhealthy mindset. An unhealthy mindset will always tell you, you are not worthy, you are not important, your not capable and you will believe what your mind is telling you, you will not go far in achieving your goals. The more you believe you cannot do it, the more you go through depression (Sad) which can affect your daily living.

Speaking negatively to yourself has been said that it might come to pass, I have heard stories and read articles that when you speak negatively to yourself, they will end up coming to pass. If you have already spoken negatively to yourself, reject those statements and speak positively to yourself.

Control your inner voice

If we study closely, we would also realize people are not the ones making us say negative things to ourselves but we are the ones making ourselves speak negatively to us because we don’t control our inner voice. We see others doing great in life and we think and say to ourselves we are not great. We see others doing things we wish we were doing and say to ourselves we cannot do it because you tried once and failed. They are not to be blamed, you are. Control the way you think, your perspective to things and the way you understand life. This will reduce you speaking to yourself negatively. When we feel such negative thoughts are about to come in, stop them, tell it to go back and tell yourself its not your portion.




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