The #1 Secret to Success


If you’re asked what is the #1 secret to success, what will your reply be? The #1 attitude to success is self discipline. Success and self discipline are like humans and air. The way humans cannot live without air is the same way success cannot exist without self discipline. Whatever you want to do be it little or big, you cannot do without self discipline. As little as taking your bath, you need to be self disciplined. You look around, you see some people are achieving their goals better and faster than in the same pace of time than others and you want to know the secret to achieving faster, better and more. Though we have different resistance to work. You’ll see people working 4 hours straight while others can’t even sit for more than 30 minutes without taking a break. To be self disciplined, you need to understand yourself because some of us might not be the self disciplined the same way. As long as you are satisfying your conscience properly, going at your pace and not lying to yourself, you’ll achieve.

To be able to control your attitude, thirst, hunger, feelings, where you go, what you do and so on is the foundation of success. Denying yourself of the short term reward and working, waiting for the long term reward is the foundation of success. The reason some achieve more than others in the same pace of time is because they were more self disciplined than the others.

How to be self disciplined

Identify your weaknesses which could be what you hate doing most and how you can manage yourself in achieving them, what distracts you from working and how you can control or stay away from those things and other weaknesses you can figure out. Identify your strength, what you are good at, what you enjoy doing, why you enjoy doing them and how you can put more of it in the plan to achieve more and plan effectively with a good time management process. I believe some were born with the gift of self discipline while others were not but you can develop yourself to having the gift of self discipline to be successful. Mental toughness/grit is more important than intelligence. When you are self disciplined, you can achieve a lot without having so much intelligence.

To be self disciplined means to be responsible for your life and to be in control of your life. When you look at two people, you can tell who has taken more control of their life than the other by the way they look, dress, eat, sleep, walk, smell and work for success. You don’t want to be looking irresponsible or tattered. You can even decide to look successful when you are on your way to success (Fake it till you make it). You will need to define your goal, understand yourself, develop and master the art of self discipline to succeed.




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