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Though, in my post titled the key to eternal happiness, I ended the post with the sentences “The key to eternal happiness is to create happiness from nothing. That way, nothing is something and everything becomes something. Then happiness is at your command.” I will back up the sentences with the habits to develop to be happy.

Acceptance: Acceptance is just similar to the sentences above. Having the ability to see something from nothing is accepting nothing just the way it is. To accept nothing just the way it is, is not to be affected by nothing negatively. When you have been able to develop the habit of accepting nothing, you will complain less and act more. Complaining more obviously has a bad effect on us than taking action.

Kindness: There’s a reward of being kind. Because of the reward accompanied by kindness, When you give, you receive more. Apart from receiving, being kind has a way of making us feel fulfilled. When you have taken part in the happiness or success of another person, you feel fulfilled that you have done something great. The feeling of fulfillment is a reward of kindness on its own. We should also develop the habit of Complimenting others and making others smile.

Appreciate your self: Appreciate your nature, Appreciate your being for who it is. Don’t be scared to be yourself, don’t be scared to be different, don’t be scared to live your life to the fullest. See yourself as an art, a treasure, a jewel, a beauty. To know how to see the beauty in you, read my post on see the beauty in your flaws. Compliment yourself, achieve your dreams and follow your instincts.

Saying No/Yes when you should and shouldn’t: Have a mind of your own. Don’t be cajoled to do what you don’t want to do like when I was younger. You can read the story in my post don’t be scared to say No. Dare to be different

Forgiveness: Forgiving relieves us from stress and burdens we are carrying. You should not wait to be asked to forgive because you are doing yourself more favour than the person you are forgiving. What you don’t know is if you forgive for the sake of the other person, that person can still hurt you again because according to be popular phrases, “no one is above mistakes” and “no one is perfect”. We should develop the habit of also forgiving ourselves as we are also prone to hurting our self which can make us beat our self up

Contentment: Reduce excessive lifestyle. When you over spend, you become short of cash. Learn to plan how to spend your allowance. Read my post on how to be content to develop the habit.

GOD loves you with your flaws. He is a friend is bad and good times. Always endeavour to bring him closer to you.

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