Don’t be Scared to say NO

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Having to ability to say NO when you are not interested in partaking at something with friends can be a difficult because you might feel, you will be labelled as a bad person, an insecure person, a difficult person, you might not be liked and be you will be rated poorly. Because you don’t want to be labelled poorly and not be liked in which for these reasons you end up saying YES all the time, making you unhappy because you are going against what you actually want to do. When I was in my teenage age, and I’m talked to by the opposite sex to come over to their place even if I was not comfortable about going and I don’t find the place conducive, because I was a timid back then and over caring, caring in the sense that if I didn’t go, they won’t be fine with it but going over will make me go against myself. Regardless of going against myself, because I was timid and scared to say No I say Yes I’m coming. I believe from my perspective most female teenagers even adults face this problem.

As I got mature, more experienced and more self developed, I decided to always put myself first. Now, if I’m not comfortable about going, I always say NO politely. Compared to when I used to say No and now that I say Yes, I have been happy with my life better. I even get more respect from these men because I have decided to respect myself. If you don’t respect yourself, don’t expect anyone to respect you. If you don’t love yourself, don’t expect anyone to love you. Saying NO has some challenges but that should not stop you from learning how to say No when you need to because it is for your own good. You’ll be putting yourself at greater risk if you don’t learn how say No. Saying YES to everything is saying No to self respect.

Before you say YES, think about your self worth, your self value. If you rate yourself highly, before you give a YES or a NO reply, you will think about your self first. Saying No doesn’t bite, doesn’t kill, doesn’t hurt but saying YES, emotionally hurts and kill you. When you are scared of saying NO, that should ring a bell to you that you are suppose to say that NO. No one will swallow you if you say NO, you will still be loved.


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