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To be self motivated, means to be self driven. It is easy to motivate others but when it comes to motivating yourself, it becomes rocket science. You can walk up to anybody right now, tell them about your problem to get some advice and you’ll see how different advises will rush down their mouth like a running tap water. But put them in that same situation you find your self in and see them looking like a lug of wood. Been a good motivator to others and a bad motivator to yourself doesn’t make you a good motivator. Most of the time, we wait to be motivated before we can be motivated. If there’s no a motivator, are we going to be lying just there? There are times we lack drives but really wish to be driven and no one to drive us and because of this, we need to be able to self drive ourself.

How can you drive yourself?

Accept you are not motivated to work: To be able to accept you are not motivated to work can be embarrassing because you will think of yourself as lazy, unserious, too playful, not smart and you don’t want to rate yourself poorly or be seen in that manner. To solve a problem, you have to understand the problem. Accepting you are not motivated to work will give a start to get yourself motivated.

Set goals: When you set goals, your goals will always make you feel unserious if you have not accomplished them. Because of the unserious feeling, you will be motivated to work

Compete healthily: Take part in healthy competitions. Who will want to loose in a competition? When you are in competitions you will be motivated to win which makes you to work

Develop the habit of accountability: Developing the habit of accountability is taking responsibilities for your actions. When you develop the habit of accountability, you won’t want to be responsible for your failure and this should keep you motivated.

Be in company with self motivated people: When you lack motivation and you are in company with self motivated people not people that motivate you but self motivated people, their self motivation can give you a drive to start your work and you can even get more ideas for your achievements

Enjoy your Reward: We thirst for success but when we get this success, how do we react? Enjoy every success you get to the fullest so that next time, you will be motivated to work for another success. If you fail to enjoy your success, you will see no reason in getting successful.


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