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Have written a post title how to live in bad situations. But if the problem can be solved, why shouldn’t you then solve it? When we have a problem, we tend to shy away from it because of the difficulty and stress in solving a problem. But going through the difficulty and stress counts as a reward apart from solving the problem. Learning to know how to solve a problem is inevitable to live a peaceful life. We don’t wish to have problems but yet some have problems and because having problems might be beyond our control, learning to solve problems is important.

Steps in solving any problem

Clarify the problem: Problem clarity is problem definition. Identify the problem accurately, explain to yourself what you need to solve. When you have been able to clarify the problem, you can begin to know the difficulty of that problem, you even realize that which you thought was a problem was actually not a problem. In clarifying a problem, you can know if you are suppose to learn something from the problem rather than solving it and also know if the problem is to be solved or not to be solved. It is always very important to always have a deep clarity of the problem before taking any next step. Seek for more information wherever you can find to clarify the problem i.e know what kind of problem it is.

Identify what caused the problem?: Identifying the source of the problem will prevent you from having that type of problem or maybe any other type of problems again. The type of solutions to seek, where to seek solution will be known to you when you know the cause of the problem which helps to make solving the problem easier.

Seek for solutions: List the possible solutions, try as much as possible to come up with lots of solutions because you will have the opportunity to analyze the solutions and pick the best solution. Because you have been able to come up with a lot of solutions and used your knowledge to its full ability, you won’t be bothered about if the solution can be solved better.

Solve the problem: Put the solution into action by solving the problem accordingly

Test: Test to make sure the problem has been solved properly and there isn’t any other problem left to solve and if there’s still a problem, repeat these steps.

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