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When we hear of leadership, what first comes to our mind is someone leading a group of personnel or single personnel but what we don’t understand is being able to lead ourself is also called leadership. Everyone has the responsibility of a leadership. We are responsible for ourself. We most times substitute leadership for titles even if a title can help to identify a leader but what a leader should be identified with are adequacy, dedication, creativity, learning ability, understanding and character. Being a leader is having power and will over something. The character of a leader is one that should be followed up constantly either by a selected personnel, the followers or the leader himself because any action the leader takes, affects the society greatly. Because we get influenced easily, because trends are being followed, because people are being used and made as role models, we have to be conscious of our actions and what we say.

The four laws and traits of leadership

Vision: I put vision as the first law of leadership because I believe a leaders first responsibility and quality is to have vision. Vision which equates to imagination or creativity. To have vision is to be innovative, to be innovative is to be able to have the ability to think. Thinking is not easy that’s why not everyone does it. How many leaders do you know? A lot? Not a lot? It’s because being a leader carries a lot of responsibilities. Not everyone can sit down, relax just for the purpose of thinking i.e being creative, innovative which is to develop ideas. Without vision, you cannot move to the next laws and traits of leadership.

Progress: Endeavour to put the ideas you have created into action, follow up with the actions, make sure your imaginations becomes reality. At the beginning of this post, line 6, I wrote, a leader should be identified with learning abilities. In the process of making your imaginations become reality, your learning abilities becomes in use. Without learning abilities, putting your imaginations into realities will be difficult. We can develop these habits they are not as hard as we think.

Accountability: As a leader, you are accountable for the good and bad result. The good results and bad results will be used to rate how effective you are as a leader. In some cases, you might have put in the required effort to produce a good result but you always end up with bad results but because you have been able to put in the required effort, you will still be accountable for the required efforts you have put in and that is why as a leader, it is good to always be at the top of your game so when you want to fail, you don’t fail woefully.

Standards (Values and Principles): You are required to set principles, assign responsibilities based on competences. Behave the way and even better you are suppose to behave based on the leadership position you find yourself. Because as a leader, you will have power and will, you will be looked up to, your actions will influence others to be like you because they want to be a leader.

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