9 Ways to Overcome Fears of Being Yourself

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When you are being yourself

When you are being yourself, you will understand life from a different version of yourself and make better decisions, you will find people who you can relate with better and faster than when you are not being yourself, you will have more control of your life, you are not taken for an advantage, you will see your value more, you will know when you need to accrete your value, you will be confident,  you will be a happier person, you will be respected, and so on.

The fears of being yourself

I believe people are always themselves whether you are fearful of being yourself or not fearful of being yourself, you are yourself. If you are fearful of being yourself, then you are a fearful person but if otherwise, you are a courageous person. People would say be yourself but when you are yourself, they will say you are not good enough. In my post tilted who are you? I wrote, “Being yourself or not being yourself, the society will still have something to say.” If you are bothered about what the society would say before you can be yourself, then you are a fear of yourself that you need to overcome. Overcoming the fear of yourself is changing the way you think. When we want to be ourself, we want to either be accepted by people or accepted by people. We believe if we are going to be rejected, then there’s no point in trying to be ourself.

For most people, being yourself feels like they are about to die because of the fear of low self esteem i.e you think you not good enough if you present your real attitude to people, you think others are better than you are and if you are being yourself, you will be rated poorly. Another problem why people fear to be themselves, is fear of being rejected by the society. People feel since they are not like the multitude, they might look awkward and scary to others which will make people to reject them because they are different. Nobody wants to feel like they are not good enough or a mockery to others and because of these feelings, they are fearful of being themselves. Those we think are comfortable to be themselves or better than us might also be struggling to actually be themselves too.

To overcome the fear of being yourself

  • Know what you are fearful of
  • You have to be prepared for rejection
  • You must see yourself  as someone of value
  • You must understand that everyone deserves respect
  • You must know that nobody is above mistakes
  • You must know that failure is an opportunity for success
  • You should know that you have every right to express yourself
  • You should have accepted and love who you are before presenting yourself
  • Understand that it is not strange to be fearful of being yourself




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