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Self discovery should be an important practise for everyone. Self discovery is having a deep insight into yourself which I recommend should be practised as frequent as possible. The main reason we have a lot of people with low self esteem, lack of confidence, more people being rejected, hateful people, jealous people, depressed people and all other low rated attitudes is because we don’t see self discovery as an important practise and because the school and the society did not teach us the importance of self discovery, self value, self worth and self love. Self discovery is knowing your capabilities, your talents, your dreams, understanding how your perspective is being perceived in the society, how you perceive yourself, who you are e.t.c

The power of self discovery

Before I discovered myself, I was a wanderer of my self and others, I was lost in the world and lost in my self. I moved like someone with no ambition even when I had ambition. Without self discovery, even when you have ambitions, you will feel ambitionless, you will lack self integrity, you will not have respect for yourself. I cared too about been loved and been hated and I couldn’t stand up to defend myself. I didn’t choose to discover myself, self discovery chose me when I went through depression. After I discovered myself, I discovered I was an enemy of my self because I cared about being loved and hated, I was not been told to respect myself before I knew I’m suppose to respect myself. When I knew I deserved to respect myself, I was not ready to be disrespected by other people. This attitude made me feel happier than before I discovered myself because I cared less about what people think of me and instead I used their negativity to develop myself positively. Don’t be like me and wait for self discovery to choose you, choose self discovery.

With self discovery comes focus. With focus, you have the power and will to do achieve anything. To be able to discover yourself, you need the ability to be focused. Self discovery requires deep concentration and relaxation. If you have the ability to be focused, deep concentration and relaxation, you can achieve anything you set your mind to do.

How to discover yourself

Seek for information about your attitude: Ask for details about your behaviour which will enable you to know what people really think of you when you think otherwise to develop yourself positively.

Focus on your inner voice than what you hear from the outside: Everyone’s ideas you get are their instincts. Don’t throw away your own instincts or look down on your instincts. Your instincts matters a lot.

Identify what’s best for you and focus on them: Don’t copy others for the sake of trend when you are not compatible with the trend. Identify what’s best for you and do what’s best for you

Trust yourself more and trust nobody: In my post titled trust no man, I wrote

“Why do you trip when walking?
Why do you bite yourself when eating?
Why do you cut yourself when using the knife?
You don’t even trust or know yourself enough not to harm yourself
Put your trust in man and you are doomed forever”

Have it at your finger tips that anybody can disappoint you anytime. When you begin to think like that, you rely less on people, people’s disappointment won’t depress you so much as when you didn’t think like that or their disappointment won’t depress you at all.

Read my post on trust for more insight

Self discovery is a journey of no return and an unending journey. The earlier you begin your journey, the better for you.



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