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Is life simple or difficult? In one of my posts titled human nature, I wrote “You sow just one mango seed and you reap a mango tree with lots of mangoes on it. life is a cheerful giver. life is simple! You reap what you sow. The rules of life are already stated. They are as easy as ABC and 123”. But for further clarification, some say life is difficult. Every morning I wake up 6 or sometimes 8 to start writing and developing my blog because I want to be successful, be recognized a writer and be greater than my wishes. Even though waking up as early as 6 and 8 everyday gets me devastated, I have no choice but to be awake. There are some that don’t have jobs, don’t even bother looking for jobs and living aimlessly. These kinds of people are criticized by the society a lot and even by me sometime because they are labelled as lazy. If you ask them why don’t they have jobs, they will say life is difficult. I will say life is simple, because that is our role to play which is to work. The work which you call pain is a blessing in disguise. You either work and eat or don’t work and die in poverty. Life is not suppose to be difficult and for this, life is simple. God did not create us to suffer but to live joyfully among ourselves and that is why life is simple.

For those that think life is difficult, it only shows your level of self discovery and self development is low. If you think life is difficult, life will be difficult and if you think it is simple, it will be simple. You should always motivate yourself that you can do all things. Don’t let financial, relationship, children, school, flaws, emotional, physical problems make you think life is difficult. The moment you say life is difficult because of these problem because obviously if we didn’t have problems, we won’t say life is difficult then you are letting the problems define you. Problems shouldn’t define you, you should define the problems. During a test if you are given a question to define for example “matter”, The moment you define matter, you pass that test and say it was simple but if you can’t define matter, you fail the test and say it was difficult. Define your problems so you can say life is simple by not letting your problems affect you negatively and solve them if you can but if you can’t, let them be so you can enjoy the beautiful things of life.



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