Wait and Watch Time go

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You were told you will be given a test by Monday afternoon on Friday and its Saturday, you planned to start preparation Saturday and Sunday. It’s Saturday, but you thought preparing for the test on Sunday is still fine and you are a bit tired anyway, why not start Sunday. It’s Sunday but how will you start reading for this test that seems so difficult but since the test is for Monday afternoon, I can skip the morning lectures on Monday to prepare for the test in the afternoon. It’s Monday morning and you begin to feel bad because you didn’t start preparing for the test immediately you were told knowing fully well there were no other important agendas that were stopping you from preparing for the test. Because of procrastination, you have cheated yourself.

Procrastination is the enemy of success. When you are trying to do good, the bad will always try to prevail, when you are trying to be successful, procrastination will always try to prevail but you are the one that will not allow procrastination to prevail. To procrastinate is very tempting but dangerous to our progress. The problem for some of us is that when procrastinating, you are either not aware of the danger of procrastination or don’t care. For some, it’s just mere laziness or they are addicted to procrastinating. To stop procrastinating, you need to figure out where you fit in i.e the cause of your procrastination.

In my post (poem) titled tick tock, I wrote

“Chase time or
Time will chase you
You can be ahead of time or
Time will pass you by”

There are some habits that are naturally accompanied by other habits. When you start procrastinating, the possibility of developing other bad habits that can be detrimental to your life is high. Like prostitution, stealing, comparing yourself with others, lying, cheating, blaming others, competing e.t.c you don’t want to imagine developing these other habits along with procrastination knowing that procrastination on it’s own is bad. One form of procrastination we use is looking at how far our friends have gone and because you think they have not gone far enough, you can still hold on with your achievements. You and your friends have different destinations (Destinies). Don’t think time will wait for you, start now.


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